How air threats work on the public?

  • Hi guys! I think the title is self explanatory. I thought about asking for some time, just out of curiosity. The question is not about the "Air Superiority" missions, but more about the "destroy the radar" ones, cause in case of enemy long range air defences I understand that once I get locked on and identified as a threat, the radar station "calls" for reinforcement and a couple of air superiority jets would scramble to intercept me. But what is the game logic behind the spawn of enemy jets? For example the other night on the public I was about to do CAS, then I saw the radar mission on and I started as MRCA thinking that once the radar is down I could land and get in an A-10 to provide a bit more air-to-ground firepower. 3 deaths and 5 bandits down later the radar was destroied and with the clearance of the JTAC I went in for the SAMS and got like 3 out of 4 (not sure). Even with the radar down, enemy jets kept spawning making it really hard to fly (I was the only fighter pilot up), and not because it was too much of a challenge, I love challanges, but in part because they manage to launch missiles (and hit) from impossible positions, angles, and distances (this is arma's fault) and in part because there were always a 3:1 ratio against me (got the challange but at least make it fair, right? ahahah :D). Final total count was about 18 bandits down to 9-10 deaths. Those are a lot of jets to defeat in a mission where the radar has been taken down at bandit number 5 ^^ so I thought it was time to ask what's the thing to achieve to keep the air clear of at least the TO-201 Shikra :) have a good Sunday!